At Halibut Flats Research, we are developers, makers, researchers and educators.

Principal Researcher Daniella Kim is an academically trained experimental psychologist who loves the rigor of science and the fast pace and insights of industry.  Some of the things that Daniella brings to the user-centered design table is her love of people, her penchant for connecting all things that are relationship-oriented, and her ability to see past the details to the big picture. But don’t take that for granted, she is also a super task oriented industry and toddler wrangler.

Daniella's current interests include marrying the empirical traditions of academia and elegantly producing great research that is immediately applicable.  She also likes Seattle, her chickens, and her kids (not necessarily in that order); she is a conflicted user of the Oxford Comma. 


For more information on the little details, find Daniella on 

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We live and work in Halibut Flats, Seattle - a historically rich and culturally diverse neighborhood built from the grit, elbow grease, and the hearts that make up our caring and supportive community. We are proud to join a legacy of makers and doers who actively contribute to the sustainable growth of these streets we call home.